Spot Your Train

A famous IRCTC operates more than 150 years – it was launched on 8th of May, 1845. Since then, the company grows its network countrywide. Today carrier proposes a lot of advantageous services, and most of them you can use via the Internet – just like spot your train online and others. A possibility of time-saving, thanks to all of the options, is the most significant advantage, which values by customers.


Don’t be shy to use these small hints - this section can give you an answer to many questions, which can arise while you are making our spot train request. We tried to collect those of then, which are the most popular in this sphere. So, behold a list of the useful solutions!

How to spot my train location?

You can spot your train arrival just in a second. “Why is it so fast & simple?” – You can ask. And it’s not hard to answer – the number of your train is just one necessary thing to complete this operation. This action is not required any special equipment or skills. Follow these instructions, and you’ll get the most up-to-date result!

spot my train irctc

indian railway spot running train

How to get spot train status on mobile?

You can use ur cellphone to spot train online. Enter the number of a car you are interested in, and press the button as shown in the picture. Thanks to the widespread Internet availability, you can get any important info everywhere – at home, at work or during the journey. It’s hard to deny that this option makes life much easier and comfortable – IRCTC has done their best to simplify the customer's experience.

spot the train online

spot my train on mobile

How is the train status spot work?

Despite the apparent complexity, spot on train status system works quite simply. At the moment, when you input the wagon identity data, the site requests the database – and the search begins. Only when the system finds a full match with the train from all available ones, it shows the result to you. Tip – you can always be sure that the shown status concerns ur locomotive – cause each of them has its own, unique code, and these codes don’t repeat.