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Main Railway Station Information

It’s hard to imagine India without its famous railway. And it’s entirely not surprisingly, cause its activity was built for long years. Thanks to the reasonable prices, high travel speed and a full railway station web, today this transport type is the most in-demand for all citizens. Today the Indian government is focusing on the development of every national train station - its amount grows daily. These actions help to increase a list of routes, which are available to use. Also, they do not disregard those stations, which were already put into operation. Their comfort level is continually increasing. For example, in 2018 the number of the railway station, which got a free Wi-Fi connection, multiplied by 300 units. This will undoubtedly help to every passenger to spent his time with convenience while waiting for the train.


What is Railway Station Code?

As known, every company has its data encryption system. IRCTC is not an exception in this case. Every Indian railway station has a unique code, which helps to determine it among the rest. This key will be quite useful for every passenger - cause the whole amount of stations is impressive. Today its number is more than 4 500, and it’s still growing! Usually, station code is a combination of letters - from 2 to 5, more often it contains 3 letters.

What data does the station code contain?

Using this unique code, you can get complete railway station information. For example, the full name of the station; city, where it located or list of trains, which are going through it. This data will be quite useful for those people, who are not used to rely on a case but plan everything.

Where can I find the station code on the station list?

Here you can find a lot of clues, which can help you to spell out your ticket. If you take a look at the list of a city railway station, you can find there a short letter code. Precisely this key is necessary to get the full information about every depot.

How to use a train station search?

Everything is quite easy. Only a couple of simple steps you should do to find a desirable terminal. Firstly, identify the Indian railway station code you wanna use. Secondly, enter it into the field above. Then just press the “Search” button (“Enter” will also be suitable), you’ll get the fullest result according to your station.

A few words from our team

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