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Jhelum Express 11077

Here is represented one of the most strategically important Indian train - Jhelum Express 11077. Its route is a key to its importance - this train connects two command points of the Indian army, located in a different part of the country. But not only this fact attaches a significance to the car - you can find rest of them below.

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    11077 Jhelum Express route unites two famous cities. It starts from Pune, which is well-known as Maharashtra cultural capital and goes till Jammu Tawi. There is located an Indian Military Compartment - an important part for a whole army organization.

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    11077 train has a quite drawn-out history. This route was initiated in 1979 and was used only for a military needs. But after some years of working, it was decided to convent a train to civilian needs. This was facilitated by the fact that its the first train, connecting New Delhi and Pune. A train with the reverse route has a 11078 number.

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    As known, 11077 train route is a quite long. And it's no wonder - cause it takes 2117 km for everyday journey. Precisely this fact makes the train legendary - cause it has one of the longest routes ever. The whole drive has 61 stops - including Jhansi, Manmad, Ambala and more others.

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    Train no 11077 has a plenty exciting story. Just look at its name! If we go back to the origin, we can find out that this train was named in honor of Jhelum River, which connects two different Indian districts.

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      11077 seat availability is an essential option for every inveterate traveler. Because this car route is long and you should take care of yourself before the trip. Despite the huge amount of seats, you should choose the chair before your trip. It helps you to get the most suitable one, such as:
    • — Air-Conditioned 2 Tier
    • — Air Conditioned 3 Tier
    • — Sleeping places

Also, there are some benefits for sophisticated customers - for example, a Food car or a baggage facility on a train no 11077.

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