National Train Enquiry

Thousands of people use IRCTC services for different reasons every day. Some of them are foreign travelers from all over the world, while others are native citizens of the country. But all of them can use ntes national train enquiry system to plan their travels. This option will come in handy to those, who are used to organizing their travel on the highest comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s no matter how often do you use IRCTC attendance – sometimes everybody can face some difficulties with it. Here we’ve collected solutions for the most common of them.

How to make my train enquiry?

Despite the widespread belief, you can make rly train enquiry easily - usually, it takes a couple of seconds. You should do only 2 actions – enter the name of your train (its number is also acceptable) and push the button to accomplish an inquiry. Instructions that are more specific you can find in the picture below.

indianrailways train enquiry

irctc indian railway train enquiry

Where can I make a train schedule enquiry?

Luckily, now you’ve entered the right page – exactly where you can make an Indian railway train status enquiry. Only one thing sets you apart from your goal – it is a necessity to make an inquiry. To do this, use a form with the wagon number or name and enjoy seeing the results - all the steps are depicted a little bit lower.

train running enquiry

train enquiry information

Also, you can get the topical timing, using the link

Do the results of train time enquiry always correct?

You don’t have any reasons to worry – while making an online train enquiry, you’ll see only that info, which refers to the chosen train. We’ve done our best to collect the fullest & the biggest database of all wagons, running through whole India. And, of course, we renew it permanently. So, after every enquiry, no matter how often you are doing it, you get the way-out report, and you can rely on it!