Train Running Status

We’re glad to welcome you on the website, which dedicates to the Indian Railways. Here you can find all the actual data according to full services, provided by this company, including current train status. Nowadays this accommodation is one of the most in-demand ones – more and more people start using it daily. You can try it by yourself and make sure how easy it is!


In case you’ve faced some difficulties using our site, we’ve collected a couple of useful solutions, which will be helpful for anybody!

How can I get current train running status on mobile?

All you need is your mobile device (cellphone, smartphone or tablet), and the Internet connection on it. If you have all the stuff listed above, so you can start. Firstly, you should decide which locomotive you’re interested in, and find out its exact number or name. After that, just enter its name and the date of your travel into the field, just as depicted below:

train running current status online

online train running status on mobile

What does the actual train running status mean?

As known, actual means that you can see what is happening exactly right now. So, here you can check, where the interested wagon is now – it’s location at the current moment of time and the present train running status too. Thanks to it, you can plan every journey like smoke.

Which train information running status shows?

In case you wanna know the real running status of train, this webpage will be the best solution for that. While searching, you’ll get the necessary information not only according to the schedule but also about every stop, length of the trip, names of halts and more other beneficial reading. Also, you can be sure that all of the provided attainments are always up-to-date & fully correct.

railway train current status

running train station status

How to check Indian railway train running status online?

If you’re doing this for the first time, do not worry – this procedure is quite simple. Only one thing you should know to check train running status IRCTC – is the locomotive, on which you are going to travel. No matter what do you know – its number or name – both are suitable. After that, fill the form in as depicted below and enjoy the results.

find current status of train

check train running status indian railways