USPS review by Robin Hentges

I order a package online and I shave been waiting for it to arrive, it had been a few days so I decided to check on it’s to see how far it was. To my dismay it had been returned to sender. I didn’t understand why since I hadn’t gotten any notice of it. I looked at the steps it had take to further understand where I found it was sent out for delivery on the 11th of November at 1500 hours , and then at 1700 hour it was returned to USPS and within minutes the began returning it to sender. What bother me about this is I did get a knock on the door of them try to deliver it , there was nothing in the mail box that I check daily and no note to pick it up. I’m pretty disappointed in this entire situation and to make things worse trying to figure out how to get my package has been a headache with lack of answers or help.

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