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We are glad to greet you on the pages of our website Using the services of our website you can find out the status of your railway ticket in no time. All you need in order to obtain the results is any device with the Internet connection and your PNR number. It is the number, that contains all the data concerning your trip, that is: the number of your train, date and time of your ride, the class of your car, and seat number. You’ll receive all the info in a matter of seconds, all you have to do is enter your PNR and press the button. It’s not only fast but also very convenient — you can get all the information you need using any device no matter where you are.

Indian Railway Contact Information

PNR Ticket status

CAN/MOD (Ticked is cancelled or modified)

— If you receives this status when tracking, it means the following. For some reason, your ticket was canceled and returned to the carrier company. Perhaps, you yourself decided to postpone the trip and return the ticket, you’ve already purchased in advance. If not — then it is highly recommended to contact the IRCTC representatives and clarify the reason why your ticket was rejected.

CNF/ Confirmed

— you can relax now — this wording means that your train ticket has been confirmed. In this case, you can be completely sure that the specified place in the car is reserved for you. All you have to do is to arrive at the train station in time and find your train. And, of course, do not forget your passport.

RAC (Reservation against cancellation)

— this status implies that at the moment you have half the seat in the car reserved. In this case, you can also be calm — you can definitely get to the destination with this ticket. The peculiarity of this ticket is that if before the departure of the train a passenger cancels the reservation or returns the ticket to the office, his place will be assigned to you. Thus, you will receive the full seat in the car.

R # #(RAC Coach number Berth Number)

— here is written the exact number of your sitting in a car. Using it you can find your location in a train. You can feel free to take it for the whole trip.

CK (Tatkal (Priority) booking)

— tickets with this status go on sale 1 day before the departure of the train. Usually their cost is approximately 25% more expensive than the standard tariff. The best way to buy this ticket is contact the ticket office directly at the time of the start of sales. If you bought a ticket of this category, then you are guaranteed to get your personal seat on the train.

WL # (Wait list)

— this status means that at the moment you do not yet have a seat in the desired train. You are currently in the queue for a ticket. It will become available if the passenger, who has already bought the ticket, returns it back to the cashier. It is important to remember that a ticket with this status does not guarantee your trip. We recommend that you regularly check the PNR status until you get a confirmation of a seat on the train you need.

RLWL (Remote Location Wait list)

— this is a special wait list for those people, who are reservated the ticked while being in the other place from the cashbox. For example, you are going to travel to another city and make a transfer to another train in that place. You can order a place in a queue for a desired train and redeem it directly in the next city. Importaint notice! Evevn if you bought a ticked with a RLWL status, it gives no guarantees that you have a ticket already.

GNWL (General Waiting List)

— in such a case your ticket is in the general queue awaiting confirmation. Despite the fact that you received the PNR number, your ticket is not ready yet. You can get it only if any empty seats will come up on the train. Do not forget to regularly monitor the status of your ticket to have accurate information about your trip.

PQWL (Pooled Quota Wait list)

— Such status is shown for the tickets that were ordered by quota. For example, for military or government employees. In this case you get your personal place in the queue for the purchase of the ticket. Unlike the usual one, this line is a priority, so you will be among the first candidates for a ticket. However, it is worth remembering that even having a quota place in the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be able to leave at the desired time. The place will be available only if you receive an electronic confirmation and see your name on the passenger list.

REGRET/WL (No more booking available)

— this train is already full. There are no more tickets available for it. The best solution in this situation will be to schedule your trip for another time and not to waste your time and energy.

RELEASED (Ticket not Cancelled but Alternative Accomodation Provided)

— this means that your chair number was changed. You will travel on the same train, but your location in it will be different from that you've bought at the beginning. Perhaps, you can get a chair with the better conditions. Don't worry - the trip will take place anyway.

WEBCAN (Railway Counter Ticket Passenger cancelled throught Internet and Refund not Collected)

— this means that your ticked was returned via the Internet. You should enter the railway cashdesk and get your cash refund, cause it's waiting for you there.

WEBCANRF (Railway Counter Ticket Passenger cancelled throught Internet and Refund not Collected)

— this status concerns the tickets, for which the customer has received the cash refund.

RQWL (Roadside Quota Waitlist)

this waitlist type was created especially for that tickets, which was ordered on any intermediate railway station. They have a separate place in the total list of tickets, that's why the waitlist queue is also moving with it's own speed. As soon as you'll get the ticket, it's status changes and leaves the main group of waitlist.

DPWL (Roadside Quota Waitlist)

a special queue for the railway workers. As people, who organize the work of the whole railway system, they have some bonuces while travelling using this transport type. This quota is unavailable for another people.

CKWL (Waiting under the tatkal booking)

— your ticket is waiting for confirmation. At the moment, you are in the waiting list for priority tickets. As soon as any passenger returns his ticket, and thus vacates the place, it will be assigned to you. Do not forget that at the moment you still do not have any guarantee that you can get on this train — it's worthwhile to closely monitor the change of the ticket status until it is confirmed.

Train place status

H (Air conditioned first class coach)

— you got a place of the highest class. Additional advantages are the availability of air conditioning and a separate area for rest during the trip.

A (Air conditioned 2 Tier Sleeper coach)

— your sleeping place will be on the second tier. To improve the conditions of the trip you also have AC.

В (Air conditioned 3 Tier Sleeper coach)

— fortunately, during the trip you can take a nap — because you bought a place on the 3rd tier in a wagon-lit. In order to make your nap more comfortable — you can use the air conditioner).

С (Air conditioned chair car coach)

— Your seat is equipped with an automatic system for monitoring the ambient temperature. You can spend your trip comfortably, without breaking off from work — as your place implies a sitting position, which is very convenient when working on a laptop.

E (Air conditioned Executive class coach)

— the first class seat with the raised level of comfort. Air conditioning is also available.

J (Air conditioned chair car coach)

— Soft seat with additional functions for adjusting the ambient temperature.

G (Air conditioned 3 tier sleeper coach)

— your place is located on the 3rd tier. You can not only reach your destination comfortably, but also sleep - because the seat implies a sleeping place. Also air conditioning is available for this seat.

HA (Half air conditioned first class & half air conditioned 2 tier sleeper coach)

— a sleeping berth with an increased level of comfort and a moderate level of adjustment of the ambient temperature.

HB (Half air conditioned first class & half air conditioned # tier sleeper coach)

— a sleeping berth with air conditioning. The level of your tier depends on your ticket.

AB (Half air conditioned 2 tier & half air conditioned 3 tier sleeper coach)

— a seat you can comfortably sleep on. As a bonus - air conditioning will not work at full capacity, so there’s no need to worry about your health.

F (Non Air conditioned first class)

— place with increased level of comfort. Climate control will not be available.

S (non air conditioned sleeper class coach)

— This type implies a place where you can spend the entire trip in a sitting position. If you are afraid of catching a cold — this type is just for you — since there will be no constant air conditioning.

D (Non air conditioned chair car coach)

— place in the car without air conditioning. The entire trip you will spend sitting — it is very convenient for short trips.

GEN (Non air conditioned non reserved general coach)

— any desired place in the car will be available to you. The list of available seats for you will be displayed at the train station before the departure of the train. It is important to remember that your ticket does not imply an air conditioner.

GS (Non air conditioned unreserved general coach)

— your seat on the train is not assigned to particular car. You can take any seat you like. One of the conditions is that it should be in the car where there is no automatic climate control system.

UR (Non air conditioned unreserved coach)

— ideal for those who urgently need to go, regardless of the conditions of the trip. You get your place on the train, and you will have access to any free seat — regardless of whether it is sleeping, sitting or any other. The main thing is that you will not have any air con, however for short transfers this is not a big problem:)

L (Locomotive or Engine)

— you got a seat in the head car of the train. For any trip it will be an unforgettable experience — after all you can find out how the locomotive is operated.

EOG (Guard coach)

— place at the end of the head car. It's convenient — you can always be aware of what is currently happening to the train:)

SLR (Parcel coach)

— This type of seat is located in the car, where parcels are also transported. Unfortunately, the amenities are rather limited, but if you need to travel urgently — this option is quite attractive, because the price is quite appropriate.

PC (Pantry car)

— Your seat will be located in the car, where baggage is stored. Despite that it sounds not very attractive, you can travel with relative comfort — it's fast, convenient and cheap!


PNR Status how to check?

It’s quite easy. You just need to switch on the Internet on your device and enter our website. After this — just type your PNR number and press the tracking button. If you will complete all of these actions — you will get all the data in a couple of seconds.

PNR Status what is?

This in a unique code, which stores all the data about your trip. Using it, you can get any interesting information according to your travelling.

What does PNR status mean?

Thanks to the PNR status, you will be available to find out what’s wrong with your Indian railway ticket. Especially it applies to the tickets, which don’t have a confirmation till now. That’s why you should use the PNR status check system to get the actual info about your order. Our website helps you to find out the actual information about your journey.

A couple of words about us

Today the railways are the most in-demand movement type — especially for this reason it’s so important to be aware of your ticket status.
That's why our team decided to create the site. We’ve pondered for a long time about how to give a benefit to the humanity. Then we have an unexpected decision. Thanks to our PNR tracking system, billions of people can organize their lives a little bit better. This solution was fully suited to our purposes — we can create a stuff, which will be really helpful! So, we just start working!
Now you can see our masterpiece (yeah, we’re modest too:)
Just try it & use the site — we hope that you’ll be fully satisfied with our creation.

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