Parcel Tracking

Carrier autodetection, type any number


This article was created to introduce you the main information according to the most important part in any delivery – the parcel tracking option.

  • Tracking number – what is it?

    The tracking number is a particular set of numbers and letters which identify each parcel, facilitate the monitoring of the item movement along the route. Automatically assigned to each parcel upon receipt by courier. Sorting operators, couriers use them to determine the location in the warehouse, making delivery to the specified address more comfortable. Alphanumeric and numeric codes are instantly read by special equipment, making it possible to automate the operation of the postal service fully. The courier, while sending the consignment to the recipient, offers him to sign in opposite the parcel code on the form to confirm the time of receipt.

  • How can I find the tracking number?

    While processing and sending the parcel, each client receives a unique form with the tracking number indicated in it. It is entered into the registry automatically when the operator completes the form on the computer. The recipient can find out the tracking number from the sender to monitor the movement of the package along the route. This makes it possible to understand how soon the thing ordered in the online store will arrive. All courier delivery services use tracking numbers in their work to ensure the transparency of work and improve the quality of service.

  • Tracking number most common lookup

    A specially developed system for assigning specific numbers to each parcel is strictly regulated. The set of numbers and letters seems mess only to an inexperienced person. The specialist instantly determines where the departure came from and where it is headed to.

    • USPS - the main number of digits is 22;
    • International shipments define as two letters at the beginning, nine numbers, two letters at the end - AA123456789BB. You can determine the country by the last letters;
    • UPS always starts with a combination of 1Z;
    • FedEx has 12 or 15 digits.

    The equipment at reception is configured to fill out the form. After entering the desired data, the parcel gets a specific number.

  • How to use parcel tracking?

    Tracking the movement of the package along the route is easy. At each checkpoint, starting from the warehouse of the online store, when sorting, all tracking numbers fall into the database. You need to enter the tracking number received from the sender in a special window. The system will instantly determine the location of the parcel and provide information about the passage of control points, as well as the estimated time of arrival at the address. Information is transmitted online. You can always find out where the package is at a given time. The recipient sees the transit time of each point on the route to the place of receipt.

  • The international parcel tracking – how to do that?

    Having taken the package sent to work, any courier service (UPS, FedEx , or other working in your country) assigns an individual tracking number to the parcel. It does not allow the departure to get lost in transit. Carriers post information on the special page of their website about the movement of all parcels accepted for work. The recipient can easily track where his package is currently located by entering the corresponding tracking number in the search box and pressing ‘Enter.’ The system works equally for all mailings from any country. Thus, the location of letters or parcels is determined.