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Courier’s service from Canada, named Purolator Canada, is top-rated all around the world. The company started working in 1960 and continues developing more and more each year. Rich work experience and professionalism ensure high popularity in almost all states. With each year, the activity grew intensely and allowed to become the best delivery service. We present to you some interesting facts, which will help you know more about Purolator.

  • Interesting facts about Purolator Express Canada

    • More than 10 000 people work for getting the Purolator Express Canada primary mission. The staff is continuously growing at the same time with the development of the whole activity. Proper management provides good and qualitative work.
    • The leading partner of the company is UPS. The partnership helps to deliver parcels outside the country. This is the way that Purolator Canada got its popularity between the country settlements and besides borders.
    • The central office of company is located in Mississauga, Ontario. There are also secondary offices around the globe.
    • The company earning exceeds 1.5 billion Canadian dollars. The income is impressive and proves the seriousness of the company and its responsibility.
    • Purolator same day delivery Canada is made by using cars. Sometimes the parcels are delivered by air. It depends on the package content and the time that is needed for transportation. Purolator collaborates with Cargojet Airways that use such popular airplanes as Boeing 797, Boeing 757, and Boeing 727.
  • Purolator International - name formation and meaning

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    Purolator International wasn’t the first name of the delivery company. Previously it was called Trans Canada Couriers, Ltd. After a time, the name changed, such as the main activity. The current name dates from 1987. It is composed of three words — pure, oil, and later. The field of business also was another and implied the activity of producing oil filters. There time, it was a part of the American company.

  • The Purolator International shipping benefits

    Purolator International shipping is the right choice for anyone that wants to send a parcel, a big package, or a greeting card. This is the most reliable way to transport small or big things from corn of the world to another one. Cooperation with the company is based on the principles of correctness, honesty, and mutual respect. The conditions are the same profitably, even if you send a pencil or an elephant. Purolator Canada assures you that everything will get in time, safe, and in an optimal logistic way possible. Purolator is the best delivery service at a guaranteed quality!

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Purolator Canada
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Purolator Canada review by Kayla


I’ve had nothing but good experiences with The Red Deer location. The staff are always friendly and helpful and whatever I’m needing to send seems to get there when it needs to Soo great job you guys in red deer …

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Purolator Canada review by Richard C.


Worst customer. Service

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Purolator Canada review by Brad


Awful. Not only late but there was no message or contact to inform me that it was running late. And after I looked into it, there was no new estimated or guaranteed delivery date. In any case that I can avoid it, I will never use purolator again. Based on the reviews here it looks like this is the standard they uphold for level of service. Unacceptable

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Purolator Canada review by Deverell C


Use UPS that’s my best advice

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Purolator Canada review by N. Jordan


This is the worst customer service ever. No attempted delivery of my package though I waited all day. Contacted customer care to make arrangements for delivery. Keep getting the same answer.. we will let you know should be out in a day or two. No updates no delivery.The only notification I am receiving is that I have 5 days to pick it up from the depot REALLY NO DELIVERY OR RESOLUTION …..JUST INEPT PROMISES OF ACTUAL SERVICE

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Purolator Canada review by Karl Noreau


I have been waiting for delivery stock AT home cant find out off if and when they will deliver head ici im telling ya

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