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SAIA Transport Company began its activity in 1924. The main business is based on freight shipping, logistics, and delivery. The company works with companies and individual customers in the United States and other countries. Shipping of high quality implies compliance of safety and strict accounting of time.

  • SAIA LTL services description

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    The full set of SAIA LTL proposals includes several delivery options. The category consists of:

    • LTL shipping at the local and regional level;
    • Cargo shipment (20 thousand pounds and more);
    • Chain supply, consolidation, and distribution.

    The clients of the company are individual customers and companies. SAIA popularity is based on significant management, quality, continuous development, and growth. The information center of the company helps to develop a smart strategy with minimal risk and maximal efficiency. SAIA shipping services are convenient for all customers. They can track the shipment using the mobile application. Also, this allows connecting with the support and managing documents. The option can handle the personal account and modify the terms.

  • Why to choose SAIA transportation?

    Clients choose SAIA transportation very often because it offers a lot of advantages for anyone. There is a list of characteristics that characterizes this carrier:

    • Competitive prices;
    • Compliance of the delivery dates;
    • Multiregional delivery;
    • Big number of options for ship control at each stage;
    • Working with corporations and individual clients;
    • SAIA Corp sents Notifications to the client about the status of the delivery;
    • Protection of the environment;
    • Minimization of delays;
    • Professional employees.
  • SAIA tracing

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    The company offers the possibility to track the parcel delivery. SAIA tracing is possible by using the official application from the official web page. Here is a simple instruction about how you can do it:

    • Open the website on the main page;
    • See the track option;
    • Enter the number, which consists of eleven characters;
    • Don’t use space or dashes to separate them;
    • Check the information by pressing the button;
    • Wait (the result will appear in less than 30 seconds).
  • About SAIA logistics

    The company is one of the best in the USA when you must send something to another town, city or country. SAIA logistics is the best solution to LTL shipping in the US and at the international level. Thousands of clients choose Saia and are satisfied with the quality of the service.

SAIA rating
over 147 votes

SAIA review by Jeramiah peters


Showed up 3 days early and driver was polite and courteous. No damage.

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SAIA review by Matt McDaniels


Tracking information is terrible! It is Tuesday and last update to location was Saturday!!

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SAIA review by Randy R


Saia delivers 1 or two times a month. They call in advance arrive when they say they will and if I or one of my guys can’t get there they have offered to make another delivery on the way to us to accommodate us. Their drivers are professional and courteous. My experience with SAIA has been EXCELLENT and recommend them highly.

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SAIA review by Jeff


Freight is never on time

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SAIA review by Jeff Miller


Scheduled delivery for a Monday and the load didn’t show up until Wednesday. When it did show up, only half of the load was on the truck. The other half was accidentally delivered to someone else. It took another 5 days to recover the missing item and get it delivered.

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SAIA review by Curt


The delivery was went great. I was notified Tuesday that my custom carport frame was shipped, the next day I got a call from the driver asking if I was home for delivery at 3:30 inches afternoon. Because I had a custom frame the pallet was 12 feet long (too long for unloading with the pallet jack and power tailgate). The driver helped me unpack the pallet and get everything down on my driveway. The service was excelent and the driver was very accommodating and helpful.

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