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saia tracking

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SAIA is a company located in Texas, Louisiana. Its activity began in 1924. The founder is Sr. Louis. In the beginning, the office was only a small car transformed into a truck. The SAIA Tracking business was local and toke expansion only after 56 years in the 80s. Thirty years of work helped me become number one in this field of activity.

Saia was engaged with LTL delivery and trucking. It has more than 140 terminals in the United States and Canada. New technologies and developed transportation provide high-quality service. This made it possible to satisfy the demands of the clients. Saia deliveries can be seen online and be sure that it is transported to the right destination. SAIA shipment tracking is possible on the SAIA official webpage or a small number of specialized sites.

  • What is SAIA LTL tracking?

    tracking saia

    saia track

    We present to you the best way of SAIA LTL tracking option for packages from all delivery services. is a great way to check information about the domestic and international network of delivery. Choose an item and see where the package is. The option is actually no matter the courier, and it was sent.

  • Track SAIA shipment

    There are some things you must know about track SAIA parcel delivery using A short but effective instruction will help you make this with minimum time. Visit the link SAIA tracking - statuspnr at first. Then:

    • step 1

      Enter the number into the indicated field;

    • step 2

      Click the big blue button and wait;

    • step 3

      See the result.

    Usually, it takes a few seconds, but if 30 seconds past, don’t worry. Wait a little more. The database is vast, so sometimes it needs a little longer to find the result.

  • The elements of SAIA transportation tracking

    Data on the main page match the recent system update. Additional information for SAIA transportation tracking is available after you click the button below the delivery status. It will show you the detailed movement of the parcel. This way, you can find out such data as location, time, day, and the operation the package gone through.

  • How to find SAIA tracking number?

    saia transportation tracking

    saia shipping tracking

    See the tracking way using the SAIA tracking number. You get it after you register your item on the official webpage when you send the parcel. In the case you are awaiting it, you get the tracking number from the sender. SAIA number is always numerical. You must enter eleven characters and separate them by space or dashes. Be careful and enter the right numbers to get the correct result. This is important if you want to see the needed information.

SAIA Tracking rating
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SAIA review by Jeramiah peters


Showed up 3 days early and driver was polite and courteous. No damage.

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SAIA review by Matt McDaniels


Tracking information is terrible! It is Tuesday and last update to location was Saturday!!

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SAIA review by Randy R


Saia delivers 1 or two times a month. They call in advance arrive when they say they will and if I or one of my guys can’t get there they have offered to make another delivery on the way to us to accommodate us. Their drivers are professional and courteous. My experience with SAIA has been EXCELLENT and recommend them highly.

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SAIA review by Jeff


Freight is never on time

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SAIA review by Jeff Miller


Scheduled delivery for a Monday and the load didn’t show up until Wednesday. When it did show up, only half of the load was on the truck. The other half was accidentally delivered to someone else. It took another 5 days to recover the missing item and get it delivered.

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SAIA review by Curt


The delivery was went great. I was notified Tuesday that my custom carport frame was shipped, the next day I got a call from the driver asking if I was home for delivery at 3:30 inches afternoon. Because I had a custom frame the pallet was 12 feet long (too long for unloading with the pallet jack and power tailgate). The driver helped me unpack the pallet and get everything down on my driveway. The service was excelent and the driver was very accommodating and helpful.

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SAIA tracking