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Fastway Couriers Australia

Fastway Couriers Australia

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Being founded in 1993, Fastway Couriers Australia is an organization that specializes in courier services. The company came from New Zealand, and it got famous all over the globe quite fast. These days this company has 25 offices and even more than 300 partner companies which are located all over the commonwealth. The team of this corporation is always ready to do everything to make its service better for every client. If you want to have more proves, we suggest you read reviews which were written by customers. You can find lots of them in the Fastway Couriers review section.

  • Fastway Courier advantages

    fastaway couriers

    fastways courier

    Fastway Courier offers clients to try lots of features in shipment. They can be used by individual users and the owners of companies. A customer is allowed to send a package or a satchel using an official website of the company to different areas of Australia or to go shopping online and to purchase some items. You will be able to receive these goods via this corporation.

    If you want to send a package, the best option here are the Fastway couriers depot. These are individual offices where clients drop off those goods which have already been prepaid with transferring labels. The same offices are created for those customers who pick up those items which were bought in one of the online stores. This is a safe option to manage the orders not to make such activities some special ones. For those who use eBay for selling products, the team of the company has created some unique transactions.

  • How can I find Fast way Couriers?

    If you need to send a package and want to find where the Fast way Couriers drop off center is located near you, you need to visit an official webpage of the organization and use a location tool Fastway Courier Locator. In this case, you should write your password and suburb code, and it will take only about a second to show a user where the nearest office is situated. Such an option can also help a client to see how the schedule and a phone number of a local Fastway courier look. This data will help understand when it's better to visit the point or to call the manager to make sure about some facts.

  • How to find Fastway Couriers contact number?

    fastway couriers contact number

    fastway couriers perth

    If there's something that has gone wrong or in case if a user is eager to find out some more data, you can always ask some advice from the customers' support using Fastway Couriers contact number. In this case, you are allowed to contact the representative of the support service at Fastway Contact Us. If you need it, you can call a local office. You can look for the phone number to call with a depot or courier locator. One more thing which you can do to learn more information is to go to the page Help. This organization does not have the main number. The best thing a client can do is to contact his local manager.

Fastway Australia rating
Fastway Couriers Australia
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Fastway Australia review by Ben


Absolutely pathetic. left my package at the wrong house in a different suburb, signed for the package themselves, and left it out in the open. Customer service was not helpful at all, they said it would be 24-48 hours to investigate and hung up. No further updates.

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Fastway Australia review by Not Happy


Waited in, nobody knocked on the door, card left! Now have to drive 30km to pick up my parcel. Just rubbish!!! Can’t give zero stars

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Fastway Australia review by Rod


Always slow. Tracking numbers often don’t work. Takes forever for parcels to arrive. Always excuses around a backlog of deliveries which tells me they are under resourced and don’t want to fix their internal management issues sadly. I wish I didn’t have to deal with them at all!!! Lift your game people. Look at your review rate (1.22)! It isn’t good enough for todays age

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Fastway Australia review by Noellene


Kept me up to date with the process. Delivery was left in a very safe place just as my request. I've dealt with many Delivery companies and this one is very good.

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Fastway Australia review by John Langsdorf


Empty packaging delivered, item had been removed or fell out during transit. All responsibility denied and a flat refusal to conduct a search .

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Fastway Australia review by Ashley


Your company is completely hopeless paced was meant to arrive on Thursday last week you said you can't locate my property what you don't use google maps you spastics

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