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Fastway is an Australian postal service provider that was recently acquired by Aramex. Let’s find out the functionality of Fastway com au website and read about the services provided by the company.

  • What www Fastway com au website offers?

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    Like any decent online postal organization, Fastway provides the whole gamut of services online. In order to send a parcel or track the shipments, you don’t need to leave your house. All you need to do is just visit www Fastway com au and do the following:

    • Send local or international parcels. You are free to choose standard or express delivery;
    • Select pick-up locations and receive your packages where it is convenient for you;
    • Generate labels for preparing your packages to shipment;
    • Manage the calling card;
    • Track parcels online;
    • Get professional assistance using Fastway com au contact information.

    Thus, Fastway is one of the best Australian services for sending local and international packages.

  • About Fastway com au track

    As we have mentioned, Fastway company provides the possibility to track parcels easily. How to do it?

    • step 1

      Open Fastway main page;

    • step 2

      On the left side of the page, choose section ‘Track your parcel’s journey’.

    • step 3

      Paste the Fastway com au track number and press ‘Track parcel’.

    • step 4

      Check out the information about tracking: delivery date, current parcel location, possible delays.

    If you want to change the pickup location or manage the delivery-related documents, register on the website and enjoy its wide functionality.

  • Where to find Fastway com au tracking number?

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    With Fastway com au tracking number you can easily define the location of your parcels using the Fastway official website or third-party tracking websites. There’s no need to enter your personal account – the process of tracking is quick. But where to find this number? It is impossible to lose. The tracking ID is provided in:

    • Email confirmations sent to you when you arrange a shipping order;
    • Generated package labels contain Fastway com au parcel tracking and other codes;
    • Shipment-related documents provided on the website and in Fastway offices;
    • In user’s personal account on the website.

    Moreover, you can find the tracking number in My Fastway mobile application. Install it on your smartphone, enter the personal account and manage your shipments and documents on the go. This is the easiest way to access shipment information, no matter where you are.

  • What else should I know about Fastway?

    Fastway com au website also provides additional tools for corporate and private customers. For example, you can check the cost of shipment using the pages with shipment rates for each Australian region. Also, Fastway provides free freight analysis! Submit your personal information and the data about the cargo, and the team will calculate an average delivery time and cost of the service.

    If you have any questions left, Fastway customer support will answer them in a timely manner – just contact them online.

Fastway Com Au rating
Fastway Couriers Australia
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Fastway Australia review by Rod


Always slow. Tracking numbers often don’t work. Takes forever for parcels to arrive. Always excuses around a backlog of deliveries which tells me they are under resourced and don’t want to fix their internal management issues sadly. I wish I didn’t have to deal with them at all!!! Lift your game people. Look at your review rate (1.22)! It isn’t good enough for todays age

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Fastway Australia review by Noellene


Kept me up to date with the process. Delivery was left in a very safe place just as my request. I've dealt with many Delivery companies and this one is very good.

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Fastway Australia review by John Langsdorf


Empty packaging delivered, item had been removed or fell out during transit. All responsibility denied and a flat refusal to conduct a search .

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Fastway Australia review by Ashley


Your company is completely hopeless paced was meant to arrive on Thursday last week you said you can't locate my property what you don't use google maps you spastics

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Fastway Australia review by Jan Masters


Absolutely the worst company in every way. Took weeks to finally get courier tracing advice. Then repeatedly advising UNABLE TO DELIVER. No successful contact was Tried to pick up from depo no address provided. This item was essential and needed before the 15th Apr Definitely UNPROFESSIONAL. Still no Delivery, still no ability to get an answer from the company. O is way too good for you lot.

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Fastway Australia review by Beetle juice


Useless company l will never use ever again 3 day postage is now day 6 and still no parcel absolutely disgusting service and communication fast way ?? Yea right ld hate to see the slow way Don’t use these clowns it is definitely a circus

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