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Welcome to the Canada Post tracking service, where you can easily find information on your request and our intuitive interface will help. Usually, goods from China, for example, AliExpress, are shipped by Chinese post, and the final delivery is left to the local post office of the country. The benefits of the [Canada Post tracking] service in uniting delivery services to save you precious time! You can also read the rating of services and leave a comment. Canada Post tracking is simple, convenient and fast.

Let's say you have a question. Excellent, because we have a solution. It is important for us to help you, so we collected the most popular problem situations and answered them.

  • What is Canada Postal tracking number?

    canada post tracking package

    canada postal tracking

    Canada Postal tracking number is a unique tracking number that is attached to your parcel. It allows you to track the goods from start to finish, from the sorting center, through intermediate points, to the receiving point, as well as the fact that the parcel has been delivered to the recipient. The Canada Post tracking number allows you to automatically find out about your mail, status, and whereabouts.

  • Can I track Canada Post without a tracking number?

    tracking number canada post

    canada poste tracking

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible to track Canada Post without tracking number. As we have already learned, we need a tracking number that is tied to your parcel in the first place. The individual number is provided by the company that sends the shipment for quick search of mail items. The number can be obtained by mail, SMS, or the sender will tell you this number.

  • How does Canada Post package tracking work?

    canada post office tracking

    canada post expedited parcel tracking

    Tracking a parcel is easy using our service. Tracking is possible from any available device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It is also recommended that you check your Internet connection. To use the service, you need to make 4 simple steps:

    • step 1

      Go to home page

    • step 2

      Enter the tracking number

    • step 3

      Click on the "Parcel Tracking" button

    • step 4

      View information

    After viewing the result, you can leave a comment and leave a rating for the service.

  • What is Canada Post tracking number format?

    Canada Post tracking number format looks like this:

    • for small packets weighing up to 2 kg
    • Rx123456785СА
    • For parcels weighing from 2 kg to 5 kg
    • Cx123456785CA
    • For EMS shipments
    • Ex123456785CA

    To not bother and not to worry about your parcel and understand where it is now, use our website and find out Canada Post Tracking Shipment status.

    Our service tracks parcels 24/7, so you see the result in the present time.

    Also, each subsequent new parcel will have a new tracking number, remember this. It is recommended to update the link with the new value.

  • What if I can't track the shipment by tracking number?

    Don't worry, it happens, possible problem situations:

    • The sender of the parcel has given you an incorrect or error number;
    • The package is registered but not sent (it takes 2 to 7 days for this procedure);
    • Parcel lost.

    It happens on rare occasions. We advise use Canada Post Office tracking on our service daily for the first 5 days.

  • What does the tracking information contain?

    The tracking status shows:

    • The exact location of the package;
    • the previous movements of this box;
    • the dates on which each step of the movement took place;
    • the object where the package was collected;
    • the post office where the box was sorted out;
    • Recipient data (if the box is delivered).

    That's how Canada Post tracking system works.

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Canada Post review by Tashi


Worst mistake…such an important document sent via Canada post to India. Paid $43.80 for express but today after 20 days of waiting it says still in transit. No update atal. OMG m I in fifth world country? I doubt…

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Canada Post review by Carla Fretwell


Your postal workers are always so helpful. Thank you for your service.

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Canada Post review by Jennifer Lutes


High high rates and slowest service! Crazy!

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Canada Post review by Angela


My parcel did not receive 2x in a row and items are all expensive items and I did not get anything back , as per Canada post employee the delivery drivers steal package from customers , please do something about it , my parcel is coming from Alberta and never seen those 2 different packages , Canada post should investigate your delivery people

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Canada Post review by Parm gill


EM106504640CA 9-feb to 28-feb today all most 20 days,Toronto to California Express parcel,my important document,plsss deliver today plss

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Canada Post review by Parm gill


EM106504640CA 9-feb to 28-feb today Toronto to California Express parsel plsss to much time,,give me my parcel today,, this is very important documents....plsss deliver

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