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DTDC Tracking, At Your Service!

Hello there! You've landed on our DTDC Tracking page, your go-to spot for keeping an eye on all your DTDC parcels, whether they're zip-zooming locally or globally.

  • Spot Your Parcel with DTDC Parcel Tracking

    Ever found yourself wondering where on earth your parcel is? No worries! Our DTDC Parcel Tracking feature is here to save the day. One quick click, and you've got real-time updates on your shipment's whereabouts. Easy peasy!

  • DTDC Courier Tracking - Keeping You in the Loop

    We believe in no more guessing games. That's why we offer DTDC Courier Tracking. It's like having a magic window into the journey of your DTDC courier, right from dispatch up until it reaches its final destination. Stay informed and stay cool, we've got this!

  • Track Your DTDC Shipment Hassle-Free

    And what about getting updates on your DTDC shipment? It's a walk in the park with our tracking tool. Simply pop in your shipment number, and boom! You'll have the current status of your package right on your screen.

  • Experience the Speed with DTDC Express Tracking

    Choosing DTDC Express Delivery means you like things fast. Well, our DTDC Express Tracking keeps up with the pace. Follow your package's express journey and see how swiftly it reaches its destination.

  • What Our DTDC Tracking Tool Brings to the Table

    Here's a quick look at what you'll get with our DTDC Tracking:

    • Real-time updates on your shipments – Instant information, just like that!
    • Easy tracking, whether it's a DTDC Parcel, Courier, or Express Delivery.
    • A user-friendly experience – no headaches, we promise.
  • Give our DTDC Tracking tool a whirl today. It's your easy and convenient way to stay connected with your shipments. After all, knowledge is power, right?

DTDC Tracking rating
over 9 votes

DTDC review by Bina poddar


DTDC have very bad service,last 4days I have not received my parcel ,not seen such bad service so far ,hope to get parcel soon .will never use DTDC .

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DTDC review by Sweety


Not got parcel n courier boy are doig scam

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DTDC review by Mohd Abass Bhat


Very bad service. The packing of the parcel was damaged and takes long time to deliver the parcel.

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DTDC review by RJ


My parcel was supposed to deliver on 15 may 2024 and it was a day late, also the parcel had fragile item with glass in it, when delivered the receiver found that the glass is fully broken and the other parts of the items were damaged too, poor service

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DTDC review by Radharani sahoi


Very bad service

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DTDC review by Jagdish Aggarwal


Parcel delivered today on 15/5/2024 but DTDC online portal showing that parcel delivered on 13/5/2024 against parcel receipt no T22186890 , why wrong information?

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