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Royal Mail, a prominent UK postal service provider, offers a comprehensive range of services, including convenient parcel tracking. With Royal Mail tracking, clients can easily monitor their parcels' locations, ensuring peace of mind. Let's explore how the tracking process works, including international tracking, and discover ways to streamline your search.

  • How to use Royal Mail parcel tracking function?

    Simply follow these steps:

    • Visit the website and locate the tracking section.
    • Enter the tracking number and hit "Enter". Each tracking session allows for one parcel.
    • Instantly view the parcel's current location, delivery status, and due date, providing essential shipment details.
  • Where can you find the Royal Mail tracking number?

    The tracking number can be easily located without registration:

    • Check your email inbox for an automatic notification upon package registration and dispatch.
    • Refer to the corresponding documents received at the Royal Mail office when sending a parcel.
    • Access your tracking number through the mobile app or desktop website.

    If these options aren't viable, reach out to customer support or visit a Royal Mail office for assistance in locating your parcel and resolving any issues.

  • What is international track and trace?

    Regarding Royal Mail international tracking, the process remains similar to regular parcel tracking, but with a few considerations:

    • International reference tracking numbers differ in format from local ones.
    • International deliveries may experience delays due to various circumstances, requiring prompt customer support contact if parcels are missed.
    • When third-party carriers handle international deliveries, Royal Mail tracking updates may be delayed.

    Keep in mind:

    • European delivery typically takes 3-5 days, while worldwide delivery takes 5-7 days.
    • Undelivered items qualify for free returns, and compensation cover for deliveries is up to £150.

    Royal Mail streamlines parcel tracking with user-friendly tools and easy access to personal accounts, simplifying delivery management for all.

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Royal Mail review by Tony b


What the #### Parcel sent from Norwich going to Norwich, 4 days later end up in rugby how is this possible

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Royal Mail review by Alick Thomas Phiri


thank you very much for delivering my parcel to Zambia on time. Keep up the good work!

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Royal Mail review by Blessing


Very poor service. I haven’t Recieved my parcel and it’s passed the time which I was supposed to recieve. Poor service

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Royal Mail review by Helen Chisnall


Still waiting for my parcel, delivery originally 16/5/2024; then changed to 21 /5/2024 still not received

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Royal Mail review by Shereen unnisa


I lost my package because of Royal Mail thry put my parcel. In to the bin and I didn't even found it because all waste has been took they didn't have sense where to put the package at all I lost it was really expensive now how can I claim no reviews it's 0

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Royal Mail review by Jane Mary Robertson


Posted a passport by signed for, next day delivery. Tracked it this morning and apparently it is 'in transit!' This is not the first time I have been let down.

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