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If you want to ship a parcel via USPS postage service, you can easily do it with the help of their numerous services. How does USPS make customers’ lives easier, and how to simplify the shipping process?

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Services provided by USPS online postage

There’s the whole gamut of possibilities with the online shipping tools. Let’s observe some of them.

Want to ship a parcel via USPS service? You can purchase, compute and print official USPS online postage labels and also purchase anything starting from postcards finishing by envelopes to bundles – residential or worldwide.

No more hidden costs and overspending. Simply check your letter or bundle shipping price using the online calculator: specify the accurate weight, destination, and the right postage sum will be displayed. Not certain what mail class to pick? Forget about it. USPS will enable you to choose the best mail class dependent on cost and conveyance time. Check both USPS international postage rates and local delivery cost online.

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You don’t have to visit a Post Office and spend your time driving and sitting in line. Simply print your postage, choose the type of mail service and leave a parcel in the nearest USPS drop off location – a carrier will take the letter/box to a USPS sorting center.

With USPS, you can enjoy shipping services without extra cost and without spending your time visiting offices. It’s fast, easy, and affordable!