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Aramex tracking

aramex tracking

aramex parcel tracking

If you are using Aramex postal services, you will need a convenient tool for finding your parcels. With the help of Aramex tracking it’s easy as never before. How exactly does this tracking tool works, and how to define the shipment location? Let’s observe all options provided by Aramex.

  • How does Aramex parcel tracking work?

    So, how to find a parcel that was sent via Aramex? You can easily perform search without opening your personal account. Here’s what you should do:

    • step 1

      Open the official Aramex website and proceed to Aramex parcel tracking section;

    • step 2

      Paste the tracking number and press Track;

    • step 3

      You will see the information about the shipping process and due delivery date.

    By the way, you can track several parcels at once: just use advanced tracking option and paste several tracking numbers separated by a space or a comma.

    You can also perform your Aramex tracking shipment using third-party tracking websites, for instance,

  • Where to find the Aramex tracking number?

    Do not worry about losing Aramex tracking number – you can find whenever you need. Where to get the tracking ID?

    • In the confirmation email sent to you when you arrange the shipping orders. Moreover, the updated about the progress of shipping will be sent to your email address.
    • Log in to your personal account to check the Aramex tracking number get updates about the shipping progress. The tracking number is also provided in the order details.
    • The shipping-related documents also provide the tracking number. Don’t forget to check it on the automatically generated label.
    • Finally, you can install the mobile application and use it for tracking and accessing your personal account.
  • Is Aramex courier tracking different?

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    Aramex courier tracking process is not different form the regular parcel tracking: you also need to paste the tracking ID in the search field and press Track. By the way, it is available for both local and international parcels. The process of obtaining the tracking number is described above.

    If you have ordered courier shipping right to your house doors, the shipping status will be in progress while the courier is delivering the package to your home.

  • How else to track Aramex parcels?

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    If online Aramex shipment tracking is not available at the moment (for example, you don’t have Internet connection), you can find the parcel in another way. Don’t hesitate to call Aramex customer support (the list of phone numbers can be found here Aramex Customer Support).

    Alternatively, you can go to an Aramex office and ask the assistants to help you. If your package has been lost or damaged, you can claim your compensation (visit Aramex offices personally). Do not forget to double-check the correctness of your tracking ID.

    With the help of Aramex tracking service, you will always stay in the know about where your parcel is. No need to leave your house – the information is at your fingertips! Just open the Aramex official website or application.

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Highly disappointed in you guys.Your service is very poor

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Terrible. A week and no parcel yet!!!

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Very Happy with the first experience. U delivered well in time. Thank you so much. U came through for me

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So disappointing on ur service if u can not afford to give services stop collecting peoples money 10 days I never get my parcel

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Aramex review by Nisa


no, complaints so far.

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I'm waiting for my order it was supposed to be delivered last week mara they keep on changing the date

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