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Hermes Tracking

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If you are planning to send your parcels via Hermes Company, you should know how Hermes tracking is organized. In this article, we will discuss how to track Hermes parcels without leaving your home, where to get the tracking number, and what to do if your package has been lost or damaged.

  • How Hermes parcel tracking is organized?

    In order to find your parcel current location, there’s no need to call the customer support or visit a Hermes office. Hermes parcel tracking online is the easiest way to define the shipping status of your packages. How to track your parcel online?

    • step 1

      Open the official Hermes website

    • step 2

      Find ‘Track a Parcel’ section in the main menu

    • step 3

      Paste the tracking code in the corresponding field and press Enter

    • step 4

      You will see the detailed information about the current shipping status

    Hermes tracking can also be done via third-party tracking websites and services. There’s no need to share your account credentials – you only need to provide the tracking ID.

  • What is Hermes live tracking?

    hermes track my parcel

    hermes tracking number

    To put it simply, Hermes live tracking is the same thing as the above-mentioned online tracking. You should open Official Hermes Tracking this page and use your 16-digit tracking number to define the current shipping status. By the way, Hermes live tracking can also be done if you don’t have the number at hand. You can use a receipt number or barcode instead of it.

    In search results, you will not only see the current location of parcel, but also the delivery due date, pickup office (or destination address), possible delays and reasons for it.

  • How else Hermes track my parcel service can be accessed?

    hermes track package

    hermes track and trace

    Don’t have access to your PC? Hermes track my parcel service is also accessible via the mobile app:

    Download it on your smartphone, sign in your personal account, and you will be able to check the current shipping status of your packages. The app also allows for managing your deliveries and pickup locations.

  • Where do I get the tracking number?

    Hermes tracking number is sent in confirmation email, it’s located on the label and delivery-related documents. Also, you can find it in your personal account on Hermes website or in the mobile app. It’s impossible to lose the tracking ID – it’s always at your fingertips.

  • What if my parcel was damaged or lost?

    If the tracking Hermes service does not allow to find a parcel, it might have been lost. In case of loss or parcel damage, feel free to open the Help section on the official Hermes Help Centre: it contains a detailed FAQ and guidelines for customers.

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Hermes review by Patrik smidek


Today the driver found my package in his car and delivered it, showing his professionalism and reliability. I am satisfied with this result.

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Hermes review by Sashank


If you haven't delivered the product, how can you keep it delivered while tracking and in the other sources like Amazon app

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Hermes review by Jackie


Says attempted delivery I was in no delivery where is my item?

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Hermes review by Patrik smidek


I expected delivery of the package on Friday, but despite the alleged delivery attempt, I did not receive it. I was at home with my wife and four dogs at the time of delivery. It seems the driver was in a big rush to get home on Friday.

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Hermes review by Paul Muir


Always a problem with this company. Apparently the package has been "in transit" for four days. Maybe the diver's walking with it... from the Highlands...

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Hermes review by Victoria Giles


Just dumped outside . Didn't bother to ring bell.

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