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UPS First Class Tracking

UPS first class tracking service provides clients with an exceptional level of service and ultimate convenience. Thanks to this feature, customers may always stay aware of where their parcel is, and when it will be shipped. UPS complies with international shipping requirements and guarantees timely delivery, as well as the provision of precise information concerning parcel whereabouts.

  • Why do customers need parcel tracking?

    Those who order UPS first class shipping eliminate any risks. International shipping takes pretty much time, not mentioning parcel checking at the customs and processing in the sort facilities. Therefore, guaranteed delivery commitment dates can be violated. In the worst case, clients do not receive their parcels because shipments get lost or confiscated without notification.

    Using UPS first class mail tracking, clients always know where their parcel is. The carrier registers the data related to the shipping stages:

    • dispatching;
    • customs checking;
    • arrival at the country of destination;
    • delivery at the client’s house.

    The information is available on our website in real time.

  • How can the parcels be tracked at the official website?

    The shipping data can be accessed in a couple of clicks:

    • step 1

      Visit UPS website;

    • step 2

      Login in your profile and proceed to the Orders section;

    • step 3

      Click on the order number, and you’ll see the current delivery status.

    Alternatively, it can be done by typing in the unique shipping number in the search bar – users don’t have to sign in.

    ups first class tracking

    ups first class

    Besides, UPS first class package tracking is made easier with email notifications (they are sent by customer’s request). The company’s notification service sends updated information about the progress of shipping:

    • Ship Notification (the company gets the shipment data from the shipper).
    • Delivery Confirmation.
    • Exception Notification informs you about shipping delays, gives an explanation why the original delivery date is postponed and renders the updated delivery due date.

    The shipment status is updated every hour, and the customers always get relevant information about their parcels.

  • About UPS First Class delivery

    UPS is the world’s largest package delivery provider and one of the biggest companies in the industry of transportation and logistics. It has offices around the world, and ships both within covered regions and worldwide.

    The company relies on the fastest carriers and advanced technologies to ensure quick and safe shipping regardless of parcel size. The carrier meets modern delivery standards and guarantees timely shipping thanks to the reliable transport mean at its disposal.

    It processes over 142 mln tracking requests daily! UPS first class international tracking service includes:

    • Online tracking tool.
    • Email delivery notifications.
    • Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) with shipping details.

    The company ships to every corner of the Earth and always informs on the shipping progress – it’s updating regularly and always available.

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