Yodel Contact Number

Yodel Contact Number

yodel contact number to speak to a person

0344 755 0117 is Yodel Contact Number.

Yodel is a company from Great Britain that provides delivery services of high quality. They work with corporate and individual customers and offer services of high quality. Yodel acts from 2005 as a local network of delivery after 5 years, begun cooperation with various B2C and B2B partners, and extended the area of activity. Name Yodel and popularity came with participation at the great event of the UK, Tour of Britain. Then the whole country found out about it.

  • Yodel contact – how to do that?

    yodel direct contact number

    yodel contact email

    Yodel contact phone number is 00844-755-0117. It is the fastest way to connect support. This way needs to pay 1 pound per minute. Also, you have to pay for any other service according to the price list. The service is available on the working days from 8 am to 10 pm. On weekends, you can contact it from 9 am to 5 pm. Tracking numbers allow finding out where the parcel is and when you can get it.

    If you don’t know what kind of services the company provides, see the information below. More details are available if you decide to reach the Yodel direct contact center here Contact Yodel - official.

  • For what can I contact Yodel customer services?

    yodel contact no

    contact yodel customer services

    In case you decide to contact Yodel customer services, there are a few possible reasons. Usually all of them belongs to four main types of delivery:

    • Experience. Suits the needs of the retail brand and supposes strict obey to the time of shipment. For any questions, you can call the Yodel direct contact number 0344 755 0117 and provide detailed requirements.
    • Express. Supposes standard shipping of packages. Small and medium-size packages get in time in one or two days.
    • Offshore Delivery. Shipping to the Channel Islands, Ireland, Isle of Man. The parcels are transported to the destination in two or three days.
    • Expert. It is an option for clients with special needs. It supposes special care and submitting of high values.
  • Yodel contact details

    The company is opened to collaboration and is always ready to imply innovative solutions for client well-being. There are two ways to reach Yodel contact details — online chat and phone at 0344 755 0117. The contact center is still available and helps solve any problem. Any process takes some steps to pass. Web Chat is the most suitable way to connect client service. It is free but needs a device by which will be made the connection.

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Yodel review by Tony Golden gate cargo


You failed to offer a client's contact number Lau Miss shipped on 7 Feb with this tracking:JD0002210672575521

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Yodel review by Nicola B


Tried to track my parcel, which I had paid for 2 day delivery. The tracker stuck on ‘we’ve got it’ for 3 days even though the parcel did arrive on time! A bit pointless tbh

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Yodel review by Fatima


I received my package. I was tracking my package all the time and everything was ok

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Yodel review by Moyà Sloan


I’ve tried to track my parcel with the tracking number received but it says it’s wrong and they don’t recognise this omg I’ve never used yodel and never will again has to be worst currier service out there

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Yodel review by paul


receipt states tracking number , put that number in and got told there no such parcel with that said number , seems to me yodel must be connect to evri

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Yodel review by Andrew prodromou


Hopeless , lack of info, estimated delivery date has passed by 3 days,, and kept giving same date.!! Still no delivery’

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