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There are lots of reasons one would want to call postal carrier, to claim a problem with parcel, get information about offices or services, leave a complaint or a compliment. You can call Canada Post phone number +1 866 607 6301 to do all that and even more. Company’s reps will do their best to assist you with any sort of difficulties you might get across when sending or receiving your mail.

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When you are tracking your parcel with and the results you get make you worry about the delivery progress, calling customer support is the best option you have. While we are good at Canada Post tracking phone number will help you with readdressing, speeding up or scheduling your delivery.

No answer from Canada Post phone?

If you’ve been trying to call customer care but all your attempts ended up being in vain, you’ve been kept waiting for too long, or the line did not connect, you can try to call during less busy hours, usually it’s in the morning, and make sure you call Canada Post phone on business days and hours.

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