UPS Drop Off Point


While planning and registering your delivery online you might choose posting your parcel via UPS drop off point among different options of how you want to hand your item over to the carrier for delivery. It’s perfect for those of you who are working full time and have no ability to wait home for a courier to collect your package.

UPS Drop Off Point

nearest ups drop off point

So, if you’ve already registered your parcel online and prepaid the delivery, find the nearest UPS drop off point and plan your visit according to its pickup hours and your schedule. In order to post your item this way it has to be properly packaged and have a shipping label sticked to the packaging.

How to find UPS drop off point near me?

local ups drop off point

ups parcel drop off point

In order to search for the location which would be most comfortable to visit and leave a package at one can use UPS drop off point near me locator at carrier’s official website and obtain information about all the drop locations in your area.

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