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If you’re looking for assistance with packaging, sending or receiving your parcel, you might start searching for UPS office near me. They can help you with making your parcel ready for dispatch, or keep your parcel safe for pickup.

ups office near me

ups main office near me

But in case you have any problem with your delivery, unlike national postal operators, there is unfortunately no way you can ask the company to start an investigation by filing a claim or complaint at your nearest UPS office. For that purpose it would require you getting in touch with customer service team or the main office if you’re located outside the US.

Is there a UPS main office near me?

where is the nearest ups office

nearest ups office to my location

In case your parcel’s final destination is outside the US, you can always find company’s local head office and get in touch with authorized customer care staff. To start the search for UPS main office near me one should visit UPS website and select the country and region. Then you’ll be redirected to the main page and will be able to start searching for your local offices.

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