FedEx 1800

fedex 1800

1800 go fedex

If you need customer support from Fedex, the fastest way to get replies to your requests is calling the company. Why use Fedex 1800 phone number? Let’s find out how Fedex customer support service helps customers, and which options are available.

How to use Fedex 1800 number?

Whenever you’ve got an issue with postal services, delivery, tracking, or related documents, you can quickly get help by calling the company. The easiest way is calling Fedex 1800 number – by dialing 1800-Go-Fedex.

After that, you have an option of connecting with the corresponding department (depends on the character of your problem). Choose the department by dialing numbers (the full menu can be checked here), for example:

  • Dial “1” for scheduling a pickup with your Fedex account.
  • Dial “2” for tracking your packages.
  • Dial “5” for getting rates
1800 go fedex number

1800 call fedex

1800 Go Fedex is a versatile channel that’s open on 24/7 basis.

You can also address your inquiries to Fedex customer support email address or by writing them letters directly (which is the least efficient way).

Whenever you need help, don’t hesitate to dial Fedex phone number 1-800-463-3339 and you will get professional assistance in a timely manner.