Fedex delivery times


When you are trying to track your parcel, your results might vaguely indicate Fedex delivery times, usually along the lines of “by noon” or “by end of day”. Unfortunately, for most parcels the exact delivery time window is not provided which can cause serious distress for recipient.

Fedex Delivery Times

fedex delivery hours

Usually, for most kinds of parcels Fedex delivery hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9 am till 8 pm, which literally means that you would have to stay home all day waiting for your parcel to arrive in order not to miss your package. If you have an extremely urgent parcel of great importance coming your way, and you positively cannot miss the delivery, you can customize delivery time to fit your schedule.

You can use this FedEx Delivery Manager to sign up for a delivery manager, and request your parcel to be delivered within the specific timeframe. This option is not for free, though, it would cost you $5,5 or more depending on the location.

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