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Need to receive or send a parcel and search for Fedex near me? Luckily, Fedex is one of the biggest postal service companies in the US and boasts a large number of offices all over the country. No matter in which state or city you live, you are likely to have a Fedex office somewhere nearby. The postal carrier not only runs independent stores but also partners with shops (Walgreens and Walmart) and companies alike to have more representatives.

Types of Fedex ground near me

Wonder where is Fedex ground near me? In fact, there’s a huge number of offices of different formats to meet the needs of customers, so you will easily find a suitable store nearby.

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Here are the main types of stores:

  • Fedex Office. Select from over 2,000 stores. Many of them open later than UPS Stores, offering packaging and residential and worldwide transportation services. Need to receive a parcel? Google ‘Fedex facility near me’ and visit one of their offices: they hold bundles for pickup at your area. You can order printing services with customized design and order postcards, labels, posters, documents, and so on.
  • Office Depot® and OfficeMax® are the most functional locations that are presented by 1,500 stores where you can order local and universal delivery with FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. If you googled ‘Fedex center near me’ and didn’t find a usual store, you can visit an Office Depot to drop the parcels at the counter, ask help with packaging or purchase the packaging materials.
  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® is an autonomously working store for pack and ship services that incorporate residential and global delivery. It can hold bundles for pickup at select areas for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express.

Is there Fedex drop near me?

‘Is there Fedex drop near me?’ – you can ask. Yes, aside from the above-mentioned types of offices, you can drop a parcel in any FedEx Ship Center®. It allows you to ship local or worldwide bundles with FedEx Ground and FedEx Express, including some affirmed hazardous products.

There, you can drop off FedEx Ground® bundles, or hold your express shipments for pickup. Besides, you can choose the time to pick up express shipments.

Where is 24 hour Fedex near me?

Searching for 24 hour Fedex near me, you can be surprised to find out that official Fedex stores work by certain schedule and are closed during the nighttime. However, if you want to send a parcel, you can drop it in a FedEx® Drop Box. It can be located on a street, or inside supermarkets and grocery stores. For example, many Walgreen stores are opened 24/7, and if they have FedEx boxes, you are free to use the service.

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When is Fedex open near me?

‘So, when exactly is Fedex open near me?’ – is another popular question. You should understand that each format of Fedex offices has its own schedule. As a rule, Fedex sticks to certain business hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM, though it can change from office to office. As we have mentioned, drop boxes are always available for customers.

Please, note that business hours can also change depending on holidays – this information is posted on the official Fedex website, so keep that in mind before sending or receiving a parcel.

How to find a Fedex hub near me?

Instead of strolling through your neighborhood in search of the nearest office, you can find it online. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the official Fedex website.
  • Look at the ‘Find FedEx Locations section’ – it’s on the top of the page.
  • Enter your city or ZIP code, or the exact address and press Enter.
  • You will see the map of your neighborhood with the nearest Fedex stores shown.
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Note that in remote areas, Fedex offices are a rare occasion. However, they might be represented in other postal stores. You can also search for such locations as Walmart and Walgreens and check out whether they have Fedex boxes.

If you search for a Fedex warehouse near me, note that the number of warehouses is much lower than the number of offices. Besides, warehouses don’t provide any shipping services – this is not a client area. You can receive or send parcels in authorized Fedex offices only.

What else is offered in Fedex stores?

In Fedex stores, customers can not only use shipping services and send their packages locally and internationally. Aside from that, official offices offer:

  • A store with packaging supplies;
  • Packing service: your parcel will be wrapped and boxed for maximum safety;
  • Printing services;
  • Professional help and assistance with tracking, invoices, document handling, and so on.

Thus, Fedex’ stores are multi-functional and help customers at all stages of the delivery process. Whenever you need fast and quality shipping services, you can always rely on the company and stay assured there are postal locations nearby.