FedEx Pickup Locations

fedex pickup locations

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Want to use Fedex postal services and expect a parcel? You should check Fedex pickup locations. It can easily be done online – the process of search take a few seconds. Let’s find out how it can be done.

How to search for Fedex express pickup locations?

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There are many Fedex offices around, but how to find the one where you can get parcels? How to find Fedex express pickup locations? It’s easier than it seems. Here’s how to find Fedex offices:

  • Open Fedex website;
  • Open ‘Find Fedex locations’ section;
  • Specify your address, ZIP code or city;
  • Choose the type of location, e.g. pickup office.

On the map, you will see the available closest Fedex pickup stores. Click on a location, and you will see the business hours. Don’t forget that many Fedex offices don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays, and some have shortened business hours.

In Federal Express pickup locations, you can not only receive parcels, but also get assistance from Fedex team and ship parcels. Note that if a parcel has already been shipped, it will be delivered to an exact office. You cans cane the address of destination before a parcel is dispatched (it’s a paid service).

The number of Fedex pickup services is great, so you will always find an office nearby.